Connecting a 2nd Bank Account


Connecting a 2nd Bank Account



Multiple project may require using multiple funding sources (different bank accounts) and we have built that into the system.


Action:  Click “Settings” on the Left Side Bar on your screen
Action: Click “Manage bank accounts” under Default Bank Account
Action: Click “Link another account” button


Pro Tip:

This step in the setup is probably the HARDEST for most businesses, to trust a platform with sensitive financial information. 

  • A viable workaround is to open a new bank account at a completely separate bank and use that bank account for all your BuildWallet transactions. 


  1. Use the PLAID Interface to complete the banking connection:
    • Select your Bank (PLAID Connects over 1,700 Banks and Credit Unions)
    • Username -
    • Password -
      • *Possibly text verification from Bank* (Don’t ever share banking info with anyone)
    • Select Primary Account for BuildWallet connection.


If Successful, you will see:


If Unsuccessful – please use the “? Help” Button at the bottom of the page.  Or email us at so we can get Customer Service to help get your business bank account connected.



The end result is you will have multiple accounts and be able to “Set as default” As well as select which account you transfer funds in from – all from within the Settings tab.


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