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Create a New Project Video:


Click “New Project” on the Projects Home Page

First things First – Let’s “Assign a property” and capture the project specifics.

  • Project Address Info:
    • Street Address
        • Apartment/Ste/Unit #
    • City
    • State
    • Postal Code
    • Country


Click “Next” 

Property Details

Key information to provide – both BEFORE and AFTER the construction project.

  • BEFORE Construction
    • # Bedrooms
    • # Bathrooms
    • Heated Square Feet
  • AFTER Construction
    • # Bedrooms
    • # Bathrooms
    • Heated Square Feet
  • Expected construction duration (days)
    • Your Construction Schedule
  • Scope of Work
    • 1-2 sentence Scope Brief.


NOTE: This is Single Point of Information Distribution

This information will travel with the project and be the formal introduction to everyone who gets invited to bid or review the project.  This is a great and simple way to say what you are doing once, and tell everyone who is involved.

Click “Save” 


Files – Project File Distribution

Files shared here will be shared by both those INVOLVED with the project, as well as anyone INVITED to bid the project.  The ease of use to upload documents once, and have them shared by everyone in the project. 

  • Examples of Files to attach
    • Blueprints/Plans
    • Finish Selections
    • Details
    • Notes
  • File Types
    • PDF
    • DOC / DOCX
    • PNG / JPG


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