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Invite your Lender video:

Inviting a Lender:

Note:  If the Lender you want to invite is not on the BuildWallet platform yet, the system will still send them an email invitation and invite them to join to view your project.


Action: From the Project Home Page, find and Click “Invite a Lender”


  • Simple Invitation
    • Lender’s Business Email
    • Add a note: Anything specific just for this Lender to be received and viewed when he/she opens the Email/Link for the invitation.
Action: Click “Send Invitation”

If Successful, you will see:



If for any reason you need/want to recall the invitation and send it to another GC, you can do that with the “Recall Invitation” button on the Project Home Page. 


Action: Click “Recall Invitation"




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