Contractor - Receiving a Contractor Link (Project Invitation)

Purpose: Learn what to do as a Contractor when you receive a Contractor Link (Project Invitation) and what you can do.

Time: 8 min

Access: Web & App


Receiving a Contractor Link Video (Web)


Receiving a Contractor Link Video (App)


As a Contractor anyone with your email can send you an invitation to bid on projects.  That is why we give you 2 Key options right up front to make the most of your time.  Without being disrespectful or any hard feelings, you get to decide right then and there if you want to:

  1. Reject Project
    • If you choose to Reject the Opportunity to Bid it will be removed from your platform and kick back to the Owner and let them know they need to find someone else for the project.
    • Again, it is better to Just Say NO now and let them find someone who wants to do the job, than be strung along and become a problem for both Contractor and Owner.
  2. Make a Bid
    • If you decide that you have time and interest in proposing services for this Owner, then go ahead and "Make a Bid" and the Owner will be notified that you are infact working on a Bid for the project.  
    • When ready to submit, all you have to do is hit "Submit Bid" and the Owner will be notified that you are ready to have your bid reviewed.

Tip & Trick: BuildWallet CEO 2 Cents of advice.

  • Reject Fast, Bid Slow and Solid.  Be the Tortoise and not the Hare in this race to win.
  • Focus your attention on what you Like to Do, and what you're Good At. - Let the other guys pick up projects that are not in your "wheelhouse" and become laser focused on what you do really well and you will have a line out the door of people waiting for you to help them get stuff done.
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