SOV Line Item Status Indicators

Screen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_12.49.21_PM.png = Line Item has not been funded by Owner from Project’s Build Wallet
Screen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_12.49.39_PM.png = Line Item has been funded and next action is to be taken by the Contractor
Screen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_1.11.46_PM.png = There is a Subcontractor who is engaged and working on this scope
Screen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_12.51.29_PM.png = Work has been done and Contractor has approved and released funds for this line item.
Screen_Shot_2022-01-18_at_12.51.00_PM.png = The phase is completed, work has been done, paid for, and the Contractor has received his funds for this phase.

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