Contractor - Change Order to an Owner - New SOV Item

Once the Owner and Contractor lock down the SOV, a Change Order is the only way to change it.  While not complicated, there is a rigid process just like any change order to follow to ensure all necessary items are checked and verified.


The Change Order is initiated by the Contractor and submitted to the Owner. 


Modifying the SOV

Action: button on the top right of the Active Project SOV “Create SOV change order”.  

That brings up the following screen for the Contractor:


Action: Contractor documents reason/explanation for Change Order and Click "Next"

Next is the Creation of the Change Order:


The change order must be assigned to a Phase.  Then the typical items such as description, quantity, unit of measure, unit cost, and finally budget.

Multiple items can be added, as many as are needed, and these are all submitted to the Owner when the GC hits “Submit Change Order” at the bottom right of the screen.

Action: When complete, Contractor clicks "Submit Change Order" in bottom right

The Owner will recieve notification that "Contractor submitted a change order" and that will take them to:


Options available to the Owner are:

  • Approve
  • Request Changes

When you Approve the Change Order – the new Line Item(s) will appear on your SOV and will be available for you to fund.

When you Request Changes the dialogue box is opened and notes can be sent directly to the Contractor.  The Contractor is able to open the Change Order and make modifications and resubmit.



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