Builders = 2 Roles (Owner & Contractor)

Purpose: To help Builders (Owner + Contractor) Sign Up who Hire & Manage their own Subcontractors Sign Up for the 2 Roles they will need to occupy in the platform.  Both Owner and Contractor.

Time: 20 min

Access: Web & Mobile


Video on 2 Role Registration - Builder (Owner & Contractor)


Roles = Responsibilities and Tools

Each User Type is assigned a certain group of responsibilities in the program, and given a set of tools to help them get that done.  

In Brief:

  • Owner is responsible for initiation, flow of funds, and phase approval
  • Contractor is responsible for finalizing the Schedule Of Values, Contracting with Subs/Material, and Approving payments from Escrow to Sub/Material.

Each role has different responsibilities and while sometimes they are handled by the same person (as in an Investor/GC or Owner/Operator), most of the time these are seperate roles.   


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