Lender - Accepting a Project

Purpose: To educate the Lender on the process of accepting a Project

Time: 7 min

Access: Web Only


Lender - Accepting a Project (4:02 min)


NOTE:  This acceptance does not remove the other legal and financial documents that might be required.



Action: Click "Accept project"


Note: 2 Things will happen immediately:


1) Status bubble will turn from Screen_Shot_2022-05-16_at_6.42.03_PM.pngto Screen_Shot_2022-05-16_at_6.42.37_PM.png


2) As the Lender on the project, you will now have access to the projects Build Wallet where you can directly add money into.  The Lender access to the Project's build wallet looks like this:



Now you are the Lender on the Project!


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