Project Complete - Balance Transferred back to Owner

Purpose: Learn how to Close-Out a Project and return any balance in the build wallet back to the Owner

Time: 5 min

Access: Web Only


Lender/Owner - Project Close Out and Return of funds to Owner's Wallet (4:00 min)


Congratulations!  The Project is complete, and it's time to retrieve any balance of funds left over in the Project's Build Wallet and put it back in the Owner's Wallet so they can put it to good use on future projects.



Owner Action: Click "Close out the SOV"



Owner Action: When ready, Click "Request lender close out"



Owner Action: Click "I'm Ready"


You have successfully sent the request to the Lender when you receive the following:



The Lender receives the following notification:


Lender Action: Click "Approve project closeout"


When the project is successfully closed, and any remaining funds have been returned to the Owner, the project will be moved to the Archived Projects, and have the below status indicators.








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